This tool uses the sambamba view command to filter BAM/SAM on flags, fields, tags, and region. Input is SAM or BAM file.

There are a three options for installation of sambamba:

	1) Automated toolshed installation.  This requires that a D2 compiler (dmd >= 2.063) is installed.  The automated installation will attempt to use the dmd compiler and thus **will not be optimized**.  

	2) Manual compilation.  For performance reasons, the sambamba developers recommend you use either GDC or LDC as they use GCC and LLVM backends and do a much better job at optimization.  You should then use the sambamba-ldmd2-64 make target.  See for more information.

	3) Precompiled binary (recommended).  You may wish to simply use a precompiled binary of sambamba available at  

If you choose option 2 or 3, sambamba may be installed as a "Managed Dependency" in Galaxy's "tool_dependency_dir".  See 

The development repository for the galaxy wrapper is at:
The sambamba development repository is at: