Additional postfix config options (smtpd_relay_restrictions)

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Issue #4 resolved
Craig Castle-Mead created an issue

We need to add a specific smtpd_relay_restrictions value to our /etc/postfix/ file - the value is “permit_mynetworks permit_sasl_authenticated reject_unauth_destination” but there is no smtpd_relay_restrictions specific option for the module, nor a raw prepend/append option that would allow us to set this value. At the moment, the module just wipes this line if we’ve manually added it and I cannot find a way to make the module set the value, or, just leave it alone if it’s manually set (I guess this would mean needing to use file_line and a regex on the values it IS looking to manage, instead of setting the entire file contents.

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  1. Michael Speth

    Thank you for the issue. I will add this setting (should be easy enough). Hopefully i can do this today.

  2. Craig Castle-Mead reporter

    Thank you so much for the quick action. We implemented this yesterday and it worked exactly as needed.

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