pypy / pypy / module / micronumpy /

""" This is a set of tools for standalone compiling of numpy expressions.
It should not be imported by the module itself

from pypy.module.micronumpy.interp_numarray import FloatWrapper, SingleDimArray

class BogusBytecode(Exception):

def create_array(size):
    a = SingleDimArray(size)
    for i in range(size):[i] = float(i % 10)
    return a

class TrivialSpace(object):
    def wrap(self, x):
        return x

def numpy_compile(bytecode, array_size):
    space = TrivialSpace()
    stack = []
    i = 0
    for b in bytecode:
        if b == 'a':
            i += 1
        elif b == 'f':
        elif b == '+':
            right = stack.pop()
            stack.append(stack.pop().descr_add(space, right))
        elif b == '-':
            right = stack.pop()
            stack.append(stack.pop().descr_sub(space, right))
        elif b == '*':
            right = stack.pop()
            stack.append(stack.pop().descr_mul(space, right))
        elif b == '/':
            right = stack.pop()
            stack.append(stack.pop().descr_div(space, right))
            print "Unknown opcode: %s" % b
            raise BogusBytecode()
    if len(stack) != 1:
        print "Bogus bytecode, uneven stack length"
        raise BogusBytecode()
    return stack[0]
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