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Issue #286 on hold
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I'd like to have the choice to designate different actions to the 3 default Navbar Soft Keys in both, simple single touch and hold modes in the same manner as it already is applyable for long hold press on the back/previous button as well as for the long hold press on the recents button. However I'd like to see that possibility for all 3 soft key buttons in both modes. Furthermore it would be great to have an option to switch between the "blob styled" Google Now popup which appears when holding the main menu button pressed and just a plain action (launching an app, activity, etc.) to get executed when holding this one "special" button. Perhaps even the possibility that one could select which app explicitly to use for the "blob styled" popup instead of Google Now (and Firefox seems to be able to adapt to this interface-like control element as well) if switched on.

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  1. Mikanoshi

    Google Now is an assistant, any app can define assistant activity and then you will be able to select it on first blob popup.

    There is already a mod that replaces assistant blob with the instant action, but it is for devices without navbar only. I don't have a device with soft keys, so it's hard to mod them. Maybe some day :)

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