conflicted with alipay

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like this


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  1. Mikanoshi

    I don't understand what is written in that dialog. Are you sure your problem is with the Xposed module and not with some ROM?

  2. Wind

    the dialog means "your phone is not security", and click the button to quit.

    I am not sure what problem caused this. alipay could find several Xposed modules, like

    Q: Why renamed to SwipeBack2? A: Because SwipeBack2 is completely rewritten, and is refactored to have a better stability and flexibility. And another reason is, that SwipeBack (us.shandian.swipeback) is blacklisted by Alipay because of the unsecure SwipeBack, so I just renamed it to SwipeBack2 (info.papdt.swipeback), hoping that it will not be blacklisted any more.

    v2.2.3 is OK.

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