The TesseRACt package is designed to compute concentrations of simulated dark matter halos from volume info for particles generated using Voronoi tesselation. This technique is advantageous as it is non-parametric, does not assume spherical symmetry, and allows for the presence of substructure. For a more complete description of this technique including a comparison to other techniques for calculating concentration, please see the accompanying paper Lang et al. (2015).

This package includes:

  • vorovol: C program for computing the Voronoi diagram of particle data in a number of formats including Gadget-2, Gasoline, binary, and ASCII as well as BGC2 halo catalogues.
  • routines for compiling, running, and parsing vorovol output
  • routines for computing concentrations using particles volumes, traditional fitting to an NFW profile, and non-parametric techniques that assume spherical symmetry.
  • routines and test halos for running many of the performance tests presented in Lang et al. (2015).

Below are some useful links associated with TesseRACt:

  • PyPI - The most recent stable release.
  • Docs - Tutorials and descriptions of the package modules and functions.
  • Lang et al. (2015) - The accompanying scientific paper.

If you would like more information about TesseRACt, please contact Meagan Lang.