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Orange Textable

Orange Textable is an open-source add-on bringing advanced text-analytical functionalities to the Orange Canvas data mining software package (itself open-source). It essentially enables users to build data tables on the basis of text data, by means of a flexible and intuitive interface. Look at the following example to see it in typical action.

Orange Textable offers in particular the following features:

  • text data import from keyboard, files, or urls
  • support for various encodings, including Unicode
  • standard preprocessing and custom recoding (based on regular expressions)
  • segmentation and annotation of various text units (letters, words, etc.)
  • ability to extract and exploit XML-encoded annotations
  • automatic, random, or arbitrary selection of unit subsets
  • unit context examination using concordance and collocation tables
  • calculation of frequency and complexity measures
  • recoded text data and table export

The project's homepage is

Documentation is hosted at:

Orange Textable was designed and implemented by LangTech Sarl on behalf of the department of language and information sciences (SLI) at the University of Lausanne (see Credits and How to cite Orange Textable).