Angel Ezquerra avatar Angel Ezquerra committed 52c1dd9

Fix "incoming" function level comment, and convert it into a docstring

The existing comment was copied and pasted from the clone() function comment.

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     return src, dst
 def incoming(orig, ui, repo, srcpath, *args, **kwargs):
-    # hg.clone calls hg._update as the very last thing. We need to
-    # transfer the .hg/projrc file before this happens in order for it
-    # to take effect for things like subrepos. We do this by wrapping
-    # hg._update in our own function that just stores the target
-    # revision for later.
+    """
+    execute the regular hg.incoming, and then show
+    whether the remote and local projrc files are different.
+    """
     res = orig(ui, repo, srcpath, *args, **kwargs)
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