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A bit more toplogy.

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             face share an edge, but that is all.</para>
         <para>In the end, this gives us 24 positions and 24 normals in our arrays. There will only
             be 6 distinct normals and 8 distinct positions in the array, but there will be 24 of
-            each. So this represents significant bloat.</para>
+            each. So this represents a significant increase in our data size.</para>
         <para>Do not be too concerned about the increase in data however. A cube, or other faceted
             object, represents the worst-case scenario for this kind of conversion. Most actual
             meshes of smooth objects have much more interconnected topologies.</para>
                     that has no direction.</para>
-                <para>Each vertex attribute has its own topology. In order </para>
+                <para>Each vertex attribute has its own topology. In order to render these vertices
+                    in OpenGL, attribute data must be replicated so that each unique combination of
+                    attributes has a topology.</para>
                 <glossterm>mesh topology</glossterm>
-                    <para/>
+                    <para>The interconnected nature between different values of a vertex attribute
+                        in a mesh. Each attribute has its own separate topology. Rendering in OpenGL
+                        requires finding all of the unique combinations of attributes and building a
+                        new topology out of it, where each attributes topology is the same. This can
+                        require replicating attribute data.</para>