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:mod:`mailcap` --- Mailcap file handling

Source code: :source:`Lib/`

Mailcap files are used to configure how MIME-aware applications such as mail readers and Web browsers react to files with different MIME types. (The name "mailcap" is derived from the phrase "mail capability".) For example, a mailcap file might contain a line like video/mpeg; xmpeg %s. Then, if the user encounters an email message or Web document with the MIME type :mimetype:`video/mpeg`, %s will be replaced by a filename (usually one belonging to a temporary file) and the :program:`xmpeg` program can be automatically started to view the file.

The mailcap format is documented in RFC 1524, "A User Agent Configuration Mechanism For Multimedia Mail Format Information," but is not an Internet standard. However, mailcap files are supported on most Unix systems.

An example usage:

>>> import mailcap
>>> d=mailcap.getcaps()
>>> mailcap.findmatch(d, 'video/mpeg', filename='tmp1223')
('xmpeg tmp1223', {'view': 'xmpeg %s'})