python-clinic / notes2.txt

window.border([ls[, rs[, ts[, bs[, tl[, tr[, bl[, br]]]]]]]])

window.border([ls], [rs], [ts], [bs], [tl], [tr], [bl], [br])

    ls : int
    rs : int
    ts : int
[bs], [tl], [tr], [bl], [br])

window.addch([y, x,] ch, [attr]) : 

class Function(inspect.Signature):
        +return_converter (which converts a C type back into a Python type, and specifies the return type of the impl)
            +converter (which is already instantiated and took its parameter already)

class Converter:
    no internal state changes after __init__

have Clinic produce its own DSL as an output

Do we add *all* the metadata embedded in the clinic input
into the clinic output, and preserve it in the shared library?
that would be great for pycharm.  also for other people.
(pypy dynamic loading, hotpy calling the impl directly)
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