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AccountManagerPlugin for Trac - a fork

This is a fork for the Trac AccountManagerPlugin ( which was created to have a place for the patches applied to my installation of Trac.

The original project seems fairly inactive (no commits in 7 months as per September 2010).

I will try to note below which tickets have been fixed here:

I'll comment here for ongoing discussion (disclosure: I'm the maintainer of this plugin since 28-Sep-2010):

  • changeset 060d66b9be9a equal to t-h.o SVN changeset [7731] falsely claims to fix #6739 - #6730 is True
  • next changeset (last in sync with t-h.o SVN) might need to be re-done, just reopened the issue for checking
  • changeset 3cc97f7e0d3f regarding #6318 is subject to review, should be fine, since you seem to use it for such a long time, if no collisions occur from more recent changes
  • #5299 has been fixed with t-h.o SVN changeset [9320] and is part of current stable release
  • #5509 has been fixed with t-h.o SVN changeset [9277] so is in stable release too

AccountManagerPlugin has seen more 140 commits from my side since your Sept 2010. And I'll be happy to co-operate on the last remaining issue from this stack as well. I'll follow-up with updated information here later on.

-- hasienda