Lars Yencken avatar Lars Yencken committed 0ef45f0

Revert earlier change which broke the input loop.

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             tmp += '# %s\n' % ''.join([MAP_RENDER[col] for col in row])
         return tmp
-    # static methods are not tied to a class and don't have self passed in
-    # this is a python decorator
     def run(bot, istream=sys.stdin):
         'parse input, update game state and call the bot classes do_turn method'
         map_data = ''
-                current_line ='\r\n') # string new line char
+                current_line = istream.readline().rstrip('\r\n')
                 if current_line.lower() == 'ready':
                     map_data = ''
                     map_data += current_line + '\n'
-            except StopIteration:
+            except EOFError:
             except KeyboardInterrupt:
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