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Issue #2 resolved

consoleLog does not install properly via 'python setup.py develop'

Marco Lui
created an issue

consoleLog installed via python setup.py develop results in python being unable to find the module. Install via python setup.py install does not exhibit this problem.

Steps to reproduce: # python setup.py develop # start python # import consoleLog

Comments (5)

  1. Marco Lui reporter

    Installing via `python setup.py develop` results in a path being added to site-packages/easy-install.pth which is incomplete. The path added is:

    /path/to/consolelog # This is where setup.py is located.

    whereas it should be


    this issue can be resolved by amending setup.py to the attached version.

  2. Lars Yencken repo owner

    Thanks for taking an interest and making a patch. Both develop and install seem to work now. I've just pulled from your fork.

    Incidentally, the function wrappers look pretty cool :)

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