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-Run ``pip install drakeutil``, then for Python steps inside your workflow include::
+Run ``pip install drakeutil``.
+For Python steps inside your workflow include the line::
+    from drakeutil import *
+This will populate the special family of variables ``INPUT``, ``OUTPUT`` from the environment. For example::
     somefile.out <- [python]
         from drakeutil import *
+        with open(INPUT) as istream:
+            with open(OUTPUT) as ostream:
+                for l in istream:
+                    for word in l.split():
+                        print >> ostream, word
+In the future we might add more helpers. Can you think of any that would be useful?
+- Support special ``INPUT`` and ``OUTPUT`` environment variables
+- Provide ``mysql_cursor`` helper when ``MySQLdb`` module is installed
 .. _Drake: