Lars Yencken committed 504812a

Fixes a bug where the GP separator was still "-", instead of a space.

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         alignment = ' '.join(map(lambda x: '|'.join(x), self.alignment))
-        original = '%s-%s'%(self.gString_original, ''.join(self.alignment[1]))
+        original = '%s %s'%(self.gString_original, ''.join(self.alignment[1]))
         return ':'.join((original, alignment))
     lineTuple = line.strip().split(':', 2)
     segment = lambda x: tuple(x.strip('|').split('|'))
-    lineTuple = map(lambda x: map(segment, x.split('-',1)), lineTuple)
+    lineTuple = map(lambda x: map(segment, x.split(' ',1)), lineTuple)
     return lineTuple
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