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Added an explanation of Pinyomi as a legacy interface.

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 	<p>Look up Japanese words using pinyin.</p>
         <h2><a href="/{{ prefix }}kana/">Chinese dictionary (for Japanese speakers)</a></h2>
 	<p>Look up Chinese words using hiragana or katakana.</p>
-        <h2><a href="/{{ prefix }}eval/">Pinyomi Evaluation</a></h2>
-	<p>Help us make our dictionary better by performing a simple experiment. Native speakers of Japanese or Chinese only.</p>
-      </div>
+  <h2>News</h2>
+  <p><u>Thu 10 July 2008:</u><br/>
+  This is a legacy version of the Pinyomi system, and is not under active
+  development. It has been superceded by Zhihui Jin's Pinyomi-Lite system, 
+  which features many speed and usability enhancements. Since Pinyomi-Lite
+  is no longer hosted, this version is provided as is to encourage
+  dictionary research.
+  </p>
       {% endblock %}