pinyomi / ChangeLog

Full commit
2008-07-12 Lars Yencken <>
    * Added Google Analytics tracking, and associated settings.

2008-07-11 Lars Yencken <>
    * Added reverse url lookup.
    * Added context processors.
    * Simplified template structure, using app names as prefixes for each
      template name.
    * Deprecated the eval module, since the experiment it was designed for
      is completed.
    * Added an admin media snapshot directly into the repository.
    * Added Gzip middleware for faster page loads.

2007-03-11 ZhihuiJin <>
    * update data file 'pinyin_ambiguous_table'
    * add ambiguous pair 'huang-huan-fang-fan', 'fei-hui', 'feng-fen-hun'