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Acknowleges Kanjidic and RaphaelJS in about page.

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 applications, including game players for board games which learn from
+<p>Fortunately, systems such as this do not need their own custom dictionaries
+of Japanese. For kanji translations and pronunciation, we use the excellent
+and free Kanjidic dictionary [4], and for layout we use RaphaelJS [5].</p>
 <h2>How can I help?</h2>
 <p>If you're a learner of Japanese, or a native speaker, please give the system
 COLING 2008</em>, Manchester, UK (2008)</li>
 <li>Wikipedia: <a
+  <a href="">The KANJIDIC Home Page</a> (<a href="">license</a>)
+  <a href="">Raphaël -- JavaScript Library</a>
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