Gluttony is a tool for finding dependency relationships among Python prjects in PyPi, it is based on pip.


To install Gluttony

easy_install Gluttony


For understanding optons of Gluttony, you can type:

gluttony --help

Also, once your're familiar with pip install, most of the options are same.

Drawing Graph

To know dependency relationships

gluttony <project name> --display-graph

For example: you want to know the dependency relationships of a Python project Sprox, then you can type:

gluttony sprox --display-graph

The result might looks like this:

Also, it also supports most of command of pip install, for example: you want to know the relations among TurboGears2 packages, here we type

gluttony -i tg.devtools --display-graph

The result:

Oops, the graph is a mess. I didn't handle layout of graph. I have not time to finish it right now. Fortunately, you can output the graph as dot or pickle format file for further handling.

Output Graphviz File

In order to draw the diagram with Graphviz, you can output that format. For example:

gluttony sprox --pydot

Then you can use Graphviz for drawing beautiful graph. Like this one:

Another huge example:

Dependency relationship digram of TurboGears2

Output Pickle File

If you want to get the relationships data in Python form, this tool also provide a pickle output. For example:

gluttony sprox --pickle sprox.pickle

Then you can use pickle.load for further processing.