MMC, the MUD client for UNIX

  make install
  That should be enough in most cases, you may need to tweak configure
  if you don't have perl in your path. Also i didnt test this thing
  with anything but ncurses, so it may be incomatible with other
  curses libraries.

Client features:
   -  aliases 
   -  hotkeys 
   -  triggers list ordered by priority 
   -  grouping triggers by tags, each trigger can have its own list of tags 
   -  perl regular expressions in trigger patterns 
   -  hooks for defining custom actions which are executed at certain internal events 
   -  advanced speedwalks 
   -  backscroll buffer with spilt-screen, 2000 lines long by default 
   -  tick counter 
   -  MCCP support (Mud Client Compression Protocol) 
   -  delayed/periodic commands 
   -  status line 
   -  command line editor with unlimited history buffer 
   -  advanced completion in the command line editor 
   -  perl5 is used as a scripting language, writing sophisticated triggers and aliases
      is now simple and easy 

   -  README.txt (in russian) (availbale from the www page)
   -  Sample setup file (comments in russian) (availbale from the www page)
  Documentation is available separately from the www site.

  Mike Matsnev (programming) 
  Dmitry Rzhavin (documentation, beta testing) 

WWW page:

  Copyright (c) 2000,2001 Mike E. Matsnev and Dmitry Rzhavin. All rights
  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
  the same terms as Perl itself.