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 " tabs management
 map [6;5~ :tabn<CR>
 map [5;5~ :tabp<CR>
-imap [6;5~ <Esc>:tabn<CR>i
-imap [5;5~ <Esc>:tabp<CR>i
+imap [6;5~ <C-c>:tabn<CR>i
+imap [5;5~ <C-c>:tabp<CR>i
 " haskell
 au FileType haskell set expandtab
 command! -bar Hexmode call ToggleHex()
 " helper function to toggle hex mode
-function ToggleHex()
+function! ToggleHex()
 	" hex mode should be considered a read-only operation
 	" save values for modified and read-only for restoration later,
 	" and clear the read-only flag for now