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File ftdetect/tracwiki.vim

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+" By Daniel Hahler
+au BufRead,BufNewFile *.tracwiki if &ft == '' | setfiletype tracwiki | endif

File syntax/tracwiki.vim

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+" Vim syntax file for Trac wiki syntax
+" Language:     trac wiki
+" Maintainer:   Caleb Constantine <cadamantine@gmail.com>
+" Last Change:  22 Nov 2010
+" Version: 0.5
+" Modified extensively from wiki.vim, by Andreas Kneib,
+" http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=725
+" To use this syntax file:
+" - Put the file in your syntax directory, e.g. ~/.vim/syntax,
+"   $HOME/vimfiles/syntax (see :help syntax).
+" - Enable file type detection. One method is to add the following to your
+"   filetype.vim file, which is usually located in ~/.vim or $HOME/vimfiles
+"   (create it if not present, see :help filetype):
+"       augroup tracwiki
+"           au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.tracwiki   setfiletype tracwiki
+"       augroup END
+" TODO: 
+" - Highlight tables.
+" - Highlight Blockquotes
+" - Highlight Numbered (ordered) lists
+" - Highlight Processors. Some processors can have there own syntax highlight,
+"   e.g. rst. Pull in syntax for these from existing syntax files.
+" - Some wiki formatting is allowed inside discussion citations
+"   (tracDisussion). We don't currently support that but we should.
+" Quit if syntax file is already loaded
+if version < 600
+  syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+  finish
+syn region  tracVerb        start="{\{3}" end="}\{3}"
+syn region  tracVerb        start="`" end="`"
+syn region  tracHead        start="^=\{1,5} " end="=\{1,5} *\(#[^ ]\+\)\?"
+syn match   tracLine        "^----$"
+syn region tracItalic       start=+''+ end=+''+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracBold         start=+'''+ end=+'''+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracBoldItalic   start=+'''''+ end=+'''''+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracUnderline    start=+__+hs=s+2 end=+__+he=e-2 containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracStrike       start=+\~\~+ end=+\~\~+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracSuper        start=+\^+ end=+\^+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+syn region tracSub          start=+,,+ end=+,,+ containedin=tracHead contains=tracEscape
+" This may need to be fine tuned.
+syn match tracEscape        "![^ ]\+\( \|$\)" contained
+syn region tracEscape       start=+!\[+ end=+\]+
+syn region  tracLink        start=+\[+ end=+\]+
+syn match   tracRawLink     "\<\%(\%(\%(https\=\|file\|ftp\|gopher\)://\|\%(mailto\|news\):\)[^[:space:]'\"<>]\+\|www[[:alnum:]_-]*\.[[:alnum:]_-]\+\.[^[:space:]'\"<>]\+\)[[:alnum:]/]" contains=@NoSpell
+syn match   tracPageName    "\<\(wiki:\)\?\([A-Z][a-z]\+\)\{2,}\>\([#/]\<\([A-Z][a-z]\+\)\{2,}\>\)*"
+" Trac links
+" Tickets
+syn match   tracLinks      "#\d\+"
+" Reports
+syn match   tracLinks     "{\d\+}"
+" Change sets. Make sure defined after tracLink otherwise syntax will break.
+syn match   tracLinks     "\<r\d\+"
+" Revision log. Make sure defined after tracLink otherwise syntax will break.
+syn match   tracLinks     "\<r\d\+:\d\+"
+syn match   tracLinks     "\[\d\+:\d\+\(/[^]]\+\)*\]"
+" General form, type:id (where id represents the number, name or path of the
+" item)
+syn match   tracLinks     `\<\(wiki\|source\|attachment\|milestone\|diff\|log\|report\|changeset\|comment\|ticket\):\(".\+"\|'.\+'\|\(\S\+\)\+\)`
+" Change sets. Make sure defined after tracLink and before tracLinks otherwise
+" syntax will break.
+syn region  tracMacro       start=+\[\[+ end=+\]\]+
+syn match   tracListItem    "^\s\+[*-]\s\+"
+syn match   tracDefList     "^\s.\+::" 
+syn region  tracDisussion   start="^>" end="$"
+syn match   tracEscape      "!\<\([A-Z][a-z]\+\)\{2,}\>\([#/]\<\([A-Z][a-z]\+\)\{2,}\>\)*"
+" The default highlighting.
+hi def link tracLinks        Function
+hi def link tracHead         Type
+hi def link tracLine         Type
+hi def link tracVerb         String
+hi def      tracBold          term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
+hi def      tracItalic        term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic
+hi def      tracUnderline     term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
+hi def      tracBoldItalic    term=bold,italic cterm=bold,italic gui=bold,italic
+hi def link tracEscape       Special
+hi def link tracStrike       Statement
+hi def link tracSuper        Statement
+hi def link tracSub          Statement
+hi def link tracLink         Function
+hi def link tracRawLink      Function
+hi def link tracPageName     Function
+hi def link tracListItem     Operator
+hi def link tracDefList      tracBoldItalic
+hi def link tracMacro        PreProc
+hi def link tracDisussion    Comment
+hi def link tracCurlyError  Error
+let b:current_syntax = "trac"
+"vim: tw=78:ft=vim:ts=8