Clone it as $HOME/.vim/ folder, symlink $HOME/.vim/vimrc to $HOME/.vimrc. Done.


  • Rotating read/write file encoding with hotkey
  • modeline filenecoding=… works



Any mode

  • * mapleader, maplocalleader*
  • F8 rotate file read encoding (koi8-r, cp1251, cp866, utf-8)
  • Ctrl-F8 rotate file write encoding (koi8-r, cp1251, cp866, utf-8)
  • Alt-arrows move between buffers
  • Ctrl-k Ctrl-j move to upper/lower buffer, maximize it
  • F11 Show taglist.vim window
  • Ctrl-n toggle line numbers
  • Ctrl-s toggle case-[in]sensitive search
  • Ctrl-p toggles list (showing listchars, in this case tabs and trailing spaces)
  • <Leader>vd executes :VCSDiff in normal mode
  • <Leader>vD executes :VCSVimDiff in normal mode

Command mode

  • :w!! save with sudo

Insert mode

*htm* files

  • >> closes tag and sets cursor inside. I.e., to get "<p>a</p>", you press buttons <p>>a

embedded perl (.ep) templates

  • <%[space], <%=[space] and <%==[space] are automatically translated into <% | %>, <%= | %> and <%== | %>, where | denotes cursor position

X (gvim) mode

  • F2 toggle menubar and toolbar