rtorrent-notify aims to be a very simple tool to notify users of rtorrent-related events. It can actually be used for other kind of events, being mostly generic.


If installed, you can run rtorrent-notify. Otherwise, you can start it with python -m rtorrentnotify.


If you upgrade from rtorrent2rss, the event database will get erased because of format incompatibilities.


  • PyRSS2Gen
  • argparse (or Python 2.7)
  • An irkerd server running on localhost (optional, only if you want IRC notifications)


Add this to your .rtorrent.rc:

system.method.set_key =,rtnfy_finished,"execute=rtorrent-notify,FINISH,$d.get_base_path="
system.method.set_key =,rtnfy_inserted,"execute=~/rtorrent-notify/rtorrent-notify,INSERT,$d.get_name="

For older versions of rtorrent (pre 0.8.4):

on_finished = rtnfy_finished,"execute=rtorrent-notify,FINISH,$d.get_base_path="
on_start = rtnfy_started,"execute=rtorrent-notify,START,$d.get_name="

Unless you specify their location, the files (rtorrent-notify.db and rtorrent-notify.xml) will be written in the home directory. Start rtorrent-notify -h for more details.

FINISH and START are just strings, you can change them.

Some tips:

  • There are other events you might be interested in. As there is no documentation, you can try to grep for event. in rtorrent's source code.
  • get_base_path doesn't work with the "inserted" event, you can use get_name instead.
  • You will find a list of properties to use in ui/

Complete help for the rtorrent-notify command is available by running rtorrent-notify -h.


Advanced usage with some options would be:

  • The target RSS feed is changed from the default.
  • This also sends a notification to the freenode nick mynick. -n is used instead of -i irc://,isnick as the , character is already used by rtorrent's config.
  • Notifications to channels could be sent by -i irc://