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# rtorrent2rss

## Setup

Install PyRSS2Gen.

Copy rtorrent2rss to a writeable directory. The files (events.db and rt2rss.xml) will be written there.

Note: you can also edit the file.

Add this to your .rtorrent.rc:

    system.method.set_key =,rt2rss_finished,"execute=~/rtorrent2rss/,FINISH,$d.get_base_path="
    system.method.set_key =,rt2rss_inserted,"execute=~/rtorrent2rss/,INSERT,$d.get_name="

For older versions of rtorrent (pre 0.8.4):

    on_finished = rt2rss_finished,"execute=~/rtorrent2rss/,FINISH,$d.get_base_path="
    on_start = rt2rss_started,"execute=~/rtorrent2rss/,START,$d.get_name="

Yes, it is that unreadable. "FINISH" and "START" are just strings, you can change them.

Some tips:
* There are other events you might be interested in. As there is no documentation, you can try to grep for ``event.`` in rtorrent's source code.
* get_base_path doesn't work with the "inserted" event, you can use get_name instead.
* You will find a list of properties to use in ui/

## Future features

Allow to set a path for the event database and the RSS output on command line.