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How to build Etna

- create a working directory like  ~/etna-sources/ and go into it

mkdir ~/etna-sources
cd ~/etna-sources

- get the lastest XulRunner sources from the mozilla trunk. Type :

cvs -z3 -d co -PA mozilla/
make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_FLAGS=-PA MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner

- now you have a ~/etna-sources/mozilla/ directory. enter into it

cd mozilla/

- extract files from the etna archive : etna.src.tar.gz 

tar xzf etna.src.tar.gz

- you should have now a ~/etna-sources/mozilla/etna directory

- apply patches given with the etna sources


- copy one of the etna/config/mozconfig.* file to the
  sources/etna/mozilla/ directory, rename it to .mozconfig
  Choose which corresponds to your plateform.

  cp etna/config/mozconfig.linux ./.mozconfig

- edit the .mozconfig file: you may have to change some options.

- then run
    make -f build

- if you didn't touch MOZ_OBJDIR content in the .mozconfig file,
  then you should have a binaries-opt directory. Go into it or go into the directory
  you indicates into MOZ_OBJDIR variable.

cd binaries-opt

- then go into the etna/dist/bin/ directory and launch 

cd etna/dist/bin/

- You will find also some extensions in the dist/xpi-stage/ directory