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Welcome to Rarangi

Rarangi is a generator of documents from php source code. It will be used to document Jelix source code.

The goal of Rarangi is to provide a tool easily and highly configurable, fast and designed only for PHP5 or higher source code. It will allow you to see details on classes like in phpdocumentor, but also to do powerful search and browse like the tool.

Main Features planned :

  • A script to run from the command line, to parse all the source code of your project
    • Of course, support of javadoc tags or phpdocumentor tags in doc comments
    • It could parse your own tags by providing corresponding tag parsers
    • It stores the result of the parsing in a database, so you could create your own doc generator from this data
    • you could provide your own file parser for specific files other than php files
  • A script to generate the documentation in static html files
  • A web interface which will allow you to:
    • navigate in the source code
    • display details on a class/interface : description, list of properties, list of methods, list of inheriting classes etc..
    • display details on function, global variable etc
    • search in the source code, by class identifier, full text search, by file name etc
    • and many more web features
  • Since it is an application based on jelix:
    • you could create your own theme for the web interface or the generated static html files
    • you could localize the web interface and the generator
    • you could choice the type of the database (sqlite, mysql, postgresql...)
    • you could include easily the modules of the application into an other jelix application
    • etc..

More features will be added as needed..


No release for the moment, but you can try the application by getting the source code from the mercurial repository.


You can see a demo here : , where you can browse the source code of Jelix and Rarangi :-)