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Rarangi / project-import

Importing a project

Rarangi is useful only if you import the source code of your projects into it :-)

A script, app/scripts/rarangi.php is provided to import a project. You have to create an ini file to indicate some parameters or options.

The actual format of the ini file is :

;-- the project name. It is used as an identifiant in the database.
projectName = "my project 1.0"

;-- list of files or directory name to ignore during the parsing
excludedFiles = ".hg,.svn,CVS"


Warning: Rarangi is for the moment as its early stage of development, so this configuration file will changed in the future. Re-read the documentation each time you update Rarangi.

To import a project, just run the rarangi.php script, by giving the name of the ini file as parameter:

php.exe rarangi.php myproject.ini