Welcome to Arichuvadi
India is a country of immense linguistic diversity. We have about 35 major languages and hundreds 
of minor languages. There is a huge volume of literature - both written and oral, ancient and modern. 
But, for some reason we Indians have been reluctant to teach our languages to others. There is very little 
material, either offline or online for learning Indian languages. This effort of ours attempts to fill this 
gap. In true FOSS tradition we are starting small and will evolve the software according to demands and 
feedback. We now have partial alphabets in 3 languages and have started putting up lessons. We invite 
interested people to come forward and add alphabets and lessons. Please contact us at lawgon at thenilgiris 
dot com if you are interested.
In order to view the language you choose you should install the appropriate fonts for the language. The
 sounds are in .ogg format, which is an open source format. You need an .ogg plugin for your browser. You can 
get an ogg plugin <a  href="">here</a> This 
is tested using Mozilla Firefox and konqueror on Mandriva, Fedora Core, OpenSuse linux distributions. 
Older distributions may not be able to play .ogg files. If it does not work on Internet Explorer please do 
not complain to us.