1. Complete USGA handicapping system including automatic revision for
    extraordinary tournament scores

2. Individual tournaments:

    a. Stableford - nett and gross
    b. Bogey - nett and gross
    c. Medal round - nett and gross
    d. Multiround medal round - nett and gross
    e. Modified stableford - nett and gross
3. Partnership tournaments:

   a. Combined stableford - nett and gross
   b. Best ball bogey - nett and gross
   c. Best ball medal round - nett and gross
   d. Scramble - medal round - nett and gross
   e. Best two balls of three - stableford - nett and gross
4. Team tournaments:

    a. Best scores of a fixed number of players - stableford.
5. Multiple trophies on the same day displayed, online real time display of
    results. Provision for data entry from multiple work stations on a LAN.
5. Statistics:

    a. Rounds played yearly, monthly and daily with break up of tournaments and practice
    b. Hole score analysis - all players and individual players
    c. Hole difficulty analysis - all players, specific handicap ranges and individuals.
        Breakup for tournaments and practice rounds
    d. Handicap variation analysis.