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Kenneth Gonsalves
repo owner created an issue

There are three types of menu items - static page menus which can be switched on or off from admin, general menus for ordinary and logged in users and administrative menus for logged in users with special rights. Actually the 3rd set does not appear on any menu and the user has to directly type in the url. This will of course change.

In different stages of the conference various menus will have to be switched on or off. At present this is done by commenting out the menu in and commenting out the url in Both have to be commented out to prevent the user from directly accessing the url. This is a huge nuisance as it is hard coded. We need a scheme on how to enable the admin to switch on and off without going into the code.

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  1. Kenneth Gonsalves reporter

    Solved. Created a model Menuitem where the priority and activation if the menu items can be changed. Changed the menu generating templatetag to generate only active menus. Added a decorator to each view which checks whether the menu that calls the view is active, and if not, shows a 404.

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