RSS feeds needed for the pages

Issue #4 open
Noufal Ibrahim
created an issue

All the pages (Especially the posts one) need an RSS feed

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  1. Noufal Ibrahim reporter

    Would it be hard to put an RSS icon or perhaps a link to the corresponding feeds on each of the pages? People could subscribe directly then. A <link type='application/rss'... or whatever.

  2. Kenneth Gonsalves repo owner
    • changed status to open

    have made a monkey-patch to put the feeds in a menu on the right. It is working. But the icons need to be put next to the menu name of menus that have feeds - so am keeping the issue open until that is done.

  3. Kenneth Gonsalves repo owner

    no - rss menus are eating valuable real estate - we need to have just the icon for those menus that have RSS next to the menu name on the LHS - some CSS magic needed, so it is kept open for that.

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