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fossconf / Administration

Administering fossconf:

1. Login and get admin rights from whoever created the site

2. There is some default css - put your own as soon as you can

3. Menus. There are two types of menu - admin created and default

4. All default menus will appear in a screen called menuitems in admin. These have a priority that can be ordered and can be made active or not. If active they will appear according to priority under 'main menu' on the left column. If not active, they will not appear and cannot be accessed by typing the url in the browser

5. Conference specific menus will appear above the main menu. First create a menu head, then a menu under it and then a static page under the menu. Choose your priority, activate them and you get a list of pages with headings on the left hand side.

6. Links - add a link with name, url and priority - this will appear on the right column

7. Sponsors - you have sponsortypes - like gold, silver etc. These can be entered along with priority. You can enter sponsors under the types, prioritise them, add logo and link and they will appear under the appropriate headings in the correct order on the right column.

8. Posts can be added by people with appropriate admin rights - the latest 5 will appear on the right column. All posts can be seen through the 'posts' menu if enabled.

9. Scheduling - in admin add talk types - something like 'one hour talk' 'two hour tutorial' 'day long sprint' etc. Add conference days and timings for each day. A blank schedule will be generated.

10. In order to schedule, create a group called 'schedulers' and add yourself to that group. On making the schedule you will be presented with a list of unscheduled selected talks and you can put in the day and timings. The scheduler will prevent you from putting more than one talk in the same slot or one speaker in two places at the same time.

11. You may click accepted to accept a talk

12 If you wish to send bulkmail, create a group called committee and add yourself to the group. Type your-conf-url/bulkmail/ to access this. You may mail all delegates, volunteers, speakers or selected people.

13. To use the volunteer feature - make sure you fill in volunteer tasks.

14. Make sure you add some 'occupations' before asking people to register

15. Twitter: create an account on twitter. Add username and password in, choose what you want to tweet - by default a tweet is generated on each new talk. You can generate on other events also - requires access to the source code.

16. Tag colours. There is an admin module for giving colours to tags. You have to manually get a list of tags available and assign colours to them. For the talks list, the first in the list of tags is chosen for the colour. Users are not capable of thought and assign tags randomnly. It is necessary for the admin to rationalise the tags.