URL Redirection for Cities

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Srikanth Lakshmanan
created an issue

Since we have a nice .in domain, can we set up a URL redirection something like

openstreetmap.in/chennai --> zooms to http://www.openstreetmap.in/?zoom=11&lat=13.06769&lon=80.22032&layers=B

we can have URLs for major cities and well mapped towns to start with. We can have it for states too.

It might also help in getting some traffic from google.

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  1. Srikanth Lakshmanan reporter

    Good thought. I did not think about adding links. I will add more links probably in a new page sometime soon and link so that index.html does not become more cluttered. My thought was to have fancy URLs and put in rules in webserver to redirect, but then i was skeptical because of number of redirects we will be having. While we can have links for any number of places(probably states as well), is it possible to filter out major ones and have fancy URLs?

  2. Hardeep Rai

    (Reply via har...@gmail.com):

    When search function implemented, this one and Quick link (presently on main page, having links to Ooty and Chennai) will become redundant.

  3. Srikanth Lakshmanan reporter

    No.I guess fancy URLs will help web crawlers which can give us more visibility on search and give hits. I am working on the quick links page which will contain links to cities / states and places that are well mapped and might interest people. Ex:- Coimbatore Golf Course or Tirupati Hills. This can also be a place for visibility where other people in the community can know what has been mapped well.

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