November 2009

I downloaded the PyZ3950 package and attempted to reduce it to its essentials for searching Z39.50 targets and reading the records with Pymarc. It seems to be working fine on Python 2.6 on Mac OSX.

To install: - CD into the litePyZ3950 directory. - Run python install

Packages required - PLY:

Summary of changes made to PyZ3950. Only necessary for rebuilding. - Edit to include this from setuptools import setup near the top. This should replace the existing setup import.

  • Edit two import statements in in the PyZ3950/PyZ3950 subdirectory
    • Line 124: import ply.lex as lex
    • Line 140: import ply.yacc as yacc
  • If using the easy_install package, you won't be able to connect to servers
that require authentication. It's been corrected in CVS version.
  • Run python install in the main package directory.