Peter Hosey  committed a2ee79f

MailMe: Send the message not only when the original password look-up succeeds, but also when the original look-up fails but the MobileMe look-up succeeds. (D'oh.)

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File Plugins/Displays/MailMe/GrowlMailMeDisplay.m

 				if (err != noErr) {
 					NSLog(@"MailMe: Could not get password for SMTP account %@: %i/%s", userAtHostPort, (int)err, GetMacOSStatusCommentString(err));
-			} else {
+			}
+			//If we successfully got either a regular SMTP password or a MobileMe password…
+			if (err == noErr) {
+				//…then let's proceed with sending the message.
 				NSData *passwordData = [NSData dataWithBytesNoCopy:passwordBytes length:passwordLength freeWhenDone:NO];
 				//Use only stock Python and matching modules.