Peter Hosey  committed f8a2d15

Instead of depending on all of Growl, make GrowlMail's Release Makefile target depend separately on the clean-all-build-folders target and build Growl.framework as one of its build steps. This makes GrowlMail release builds MUCH faster.

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File Release/Makefile

 	touch $(GROWL_BUILD_DIR)/*.dSYM
 # All of these depend on the hgRevision.h header, and most depend on the Growl framework.
-compile-growlmail: compile-growl
+compile-growlmail: build-dir-clean
+	$(MAKE) $(BUILDFLAGS) -C $(SRC_DIR) growlapplicationbridge
 	$(MAKE) $(BUILDFLAGS) -C $(SRC_DIR)/Extras/GrowlMail
 compile-growlsafari: compile-growl