« My very own résumé »

This git repository is public, but all the files are (C) Lilian Besson, 2012-2017. It hosts my own résumé. This résumé can be seen here or here (experimental with a lateral menu). This version of my résumé is written with LaTeX2e, and the package moderncv.


It also contains a local (but up-to-date) copy of the great moderncv, and a .sty stylesheet to easily write motivation letters with moderncv's nice style too.

All the moderncv files are (C) 2013-2015 Xavier Danaux.

The files and cv.en.tex have to be compiled with PDFLaTeX.

Wrapper for PDFLaTeX

If you use PDFLaTeX in console, as I do, maybe you could be interested by my script pdflatex which automatically add colours the output of /usr/bin/pdflatex to make it more readable?

Another LaTeX template for resume?

In reStructuredText?

An other version (not up-to-date), is available, on the web-sphinx repository, and these one are written in rST (reStructuredText): cv.en.rst and


This repository is publicly released under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, v1.3c, as available at