Lilian Besson's Web Pages - using Sphinx

My web pages are currently generated with Sphinx Doc (v1.5+).

Website Made with Python v3.5.2+ Made with Sphinx v1.5.1+

I have been using Sphinx since 2012, and I like it very much! (Currently this project is in version 2.6, public release!)

Maintained? Yes! Ask Me Anything!

Where are those pages ?

==> On Website

What do those pages contain ?

Some pages host my résumé, others are just experiments, about Sphinx and many other things. A few pages talk about some points I am interested in (GNU Nano, Sublime Text 3, Firefox, hitch-hiking, maths, Pokémon etc)...

Other repository

To limit the size of this one, I used an other git repository to store the scripts/ folder : web-sphinx-scripts.

This second repository mainly hosts some Javascript scripts (GNU Plot & OCaml & Python toplevel, shortcuts.js, etc), and also a complete Python distribution, used with python.opt.js to embed a Python toplevel in my web pages (I know, it's useless, but so funny !).


© Lilian Besson, 2011-2017.


Requirements ?

This project use the following software:

To install all these dependencies, use brew on Mac OS, or your package manager on Linux/UNIX.

License GPLv3 license

This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, take a look at the LICENSE file in the source.

Basically, that allow you to use all or part of the project for you own business.

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