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The new generation of my web pages, generated with Sphinx. Version 2 !

Where are those pages ?

On line : ;


This repo aims to be used with web-sphinx.

Website Made with Python v3.5+ Made with Javascript Made with Sphinx v1.5.1+ Maintained? Yes! Ask Me Anything!


The following pages use one of the scripts hosted here :


  • Lilian Besson (mainly),

  • js_of_ocaml authors,

  • emscripten authors,
  • authors,
  • author (Christian Huettig),
  • try-ocaml authors,
  • for SimpleTrailImage.js,
  • ACE authors,
  • and some others,

A huge "thank you" for them :) !


  • Javascript;
  • a tiny piece of PHP;
  • Python.

Requirements ?

See web-sphinx for more details.

License GPLv3 license

This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, take a look at the LICENSE file in the source.

Copyrights ?

Without other indications, every documents stored here are © Lilian Besson, 2011-2017.

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