The Community Earth System Model version 1.3 (CESM1.3)


       See the CESM web site for documentation and information.

For commits to the CESM svn repo

1) check out the latest ccsm4 tag but do not populate external directories
> svn co --ignore-externals $SVNREPO/cesm1/tags/cesm1_3_alpha## my_sandbox
> svn co -N $SVNREPO/cesm1/tags/cesm1_3_alpha## my_sandbox

2) modify the file SVN_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES with any changes to
component tags
> cd  my_sandbox

3) set the property for the external definitions - don't forget the dot at the end
> svn propset  svn:externals  -F SVN_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES .

4) populate your sandbox with the external files
> svn update

5) test

6) document your mods
> cp  ChangeLog_template
> cat  ChangeLog  >>
> emacs
> mv  ChangeLog

7) copy your sandbox to a new tag in the repository
> svn copy . $SVNREPO/ccsm4/tags/cesm1_3_alpha## -m "created tag cesm1_3_alpha##"