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Lynn Rees  committed 19ecb02

- work with new byte/unicode converter

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File crossroads/low.py

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     def _set(self, key, value):
         opt_key, opt_type = self._opt_type(key)
-        if not value  and isstring(value):
+        if not value and isstring(value):
             new_value = c_char()
             new_value = opt_type(value)

File crossroads/message.py

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 from ctypes import sizeof, string_at, c_ubyte, byref, c_size_t, c_char, c_int
-from stuf.base import norm
 from stuf.six import PY3, tobytes, tounicode, u, b, isunicode
 from . import lowest as xs
         return tobytes(string_at(byref(self.msg), self.size))
     def __unicode__(self):
-        return u('') if self.msg is None else tounicode(norm(self.__bytes__()))
+        return u('') if self.msg is None else tounicode(self.__bytes__())
     def __len__(self):
         return self.size

File setup.py

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 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
 '''setup for crossroads'''
-import sys
 from os import getcwd
 from os.path import join
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages

File tox.ini

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-envlist = py27,py32,py33,pypy,py31
+envlist = py27,py31,py32,py33,pypy