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 '''Low level API for ctypes binding to Crossroads.IO.'''
 from functools import partial
-from ctypes import byref, sizeof, c_int, c_int64, c_char_p, c_size_t
+from ctypes import byref, sizeof, c_int, c_int64, c_char, c_size_t
 from stuf.utils import unique_id
 from stuf.desc import Setter, lazy
-from stuf.six import OrderedDict, items, tobytes
+from stuf.six import OrderedDict, items, tobytes, isstring
 from . import lowest as xs
 from . import constants as XS
         elif opt_key in XS.INT64:
             opt_type = c_int64
         elif opt_key in XS.BINARY:
-            opt_type = c_char_p
+            opt_type = c_char
             raise AttributeError(
                 '{0} is not a valid socket attribute'.format(key)
     def _set(self, key, value):
         opt_key, opt_type = self._opt_type(key)
-        value = opt_type(value)
+        if not value  and isstring(value):
+            new_value = c_char()
+        else:
+            new_value = opt_type(value)
         self.last_rc = self._setsockopt(
-            byref(value),
-            0 if opt_key == XS.SUBSCRIBE else sizeof(value),
+            byref(new_value),
+            len(value) if opt_key == XS.SUBSCRIBE else sizeof(new_value),
         return self.last_rc
         return msg
-    def recv(self, size, nowait=False):
-        msg = Message(size)
+    def recv(self, size, nowait=False, char=False):
+        msg = Message(size, char=char)
         msg.last_rc = self.last_rc = self._recv(
             msg.dest, msg.size, XS.DONTWAIT if nowait else 0,
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