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Final tweaks, mention pickling in the README

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-Download and install 0MQ version 2.1.3 or better from
+Download and install 0MQ version 2.1.3 or better from [](
 Install pyzmq and django_ztaskd using PIP:
     pip install pyzmq
     pip install -e
-Add `django_ztask` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting in ``, and run `syncdb`
+Add `django_ztask` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting in ``
+        ...,
+        'django_ztask',
+    )
+Then run `syncdb`
     python syncdb
 Unlike some solutions, tasks can be in any file anywhere. 
 When the file is imported, `ztaskd` will register the task for running.
+**Important note: all functions and their arguments must be able to be pickled.**
+([Read more about pickling here](
+It is a recommended best practice that instead of passing a Django model object 
+to a task, you intead pass along the model's ID or primary key, and re-get 
+the object in the task function.
 The @task Decorator
+See: [](