graphalchemy / graphalchemy / mixins /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
'''graph element mixins'''

from stuf.utils import both, getcls, lazy, clsname

from graphalchemy.core import octopus, factory, app

__all__ = ('ElementMixin', 'NodesMixin')
# settings
conf = octopus.G
backends = conf.backends
db = conf.key.db

class ElementMixin(object):

    '''graph element'''

    # graph source
    _db = app(conf.key.backend, conf.userspace)
    # node reader
    _lr = _r = factory(, backends, db)
    # node writer
    _lw = _w = factory(, backends, db)
    # links collection
    _links = app(, conf.directs)

    def __init__(self, element=None, **kw):

        @param element: graph element (default: None)
        # element direction
        self.direction = kw.pop('direction', 'outgoing')
        super(ElementMixin, self).__init__(element, **kw)

    def __repr__(self):
        return '{0}: {1}'.format(
            clsname(self), super(ElementMixin, self).__repr__(),

    def id(self):
        '''graph element id'''

    def links(self):
        '''sequence of all links'''
        return self._links(self, getcls(self))

    def _source(self, element):
        synchronized data structure

        @param element: this element

    def _refresh(self):
        '''refresh original'''
        # reset links collector

    def index_by(self, index=None, *indexed):
        index properties on a graph element

        @param index: graph index label (default: None)
        @param *indexed: properties to index
        self._r.index_many(index, self, indexed)

    def index_under(self, index, key, value):
        index one property of a graph element

        @param index: graph index label
        @param key: graph element property key
        @param value: graph element property value
        self._r.index_one(index, key, value, self)

class NodeMixin(object):

    '''node element'''

    # node reader
    _nr = _r = factory(, backends, db)
    # node writer
    _nw = _w = factory(conf.write.node, backends, db)

    def nodes(self):
        '''connector to all nodes linked to this node'''
        return self._nodes(self, getcls(self))

    def _refresh(self):
        '''refresh node objects'''
        super(NodeMixin, self)._refresh()
        # reset nodes connector

    def deep_dump(self):
        serialize this node, its outgoing related nodes, and their outgoing
        related nodes
        return self.copy(, nodes=self.nodes.deep_dump())

    def dump(self):
        '''serialize this node and outgoing related nodes'''
        return self.copy(

    def link(self, link, node, **kw):
        link this node to another node

        @param link: kind of link
        @param node: the other node
        @param **kw: link properties
        self._lw.create(link, self, node, kw)
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