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--- AUTHORS for psilib 0.02
+-- AUTHORS for psilib 0.03
 Project Administrator
 	L. C. Rees <>
 Current Contributors:
 	Pat Hayes <>
 	L. C. Rees <>
-	Hugo the Blue Bird <no address given>
+	Hugo the Crazy Blue Bird <no address given>
 Original Author:
         L. C. Rees <>
-ChangeLog for 0.02
+ChangeLog for 0.03
+Changes from 0.02-stable to 0.03-stable
+- Migrated all DOM/XPath reliant code to cDomlette
+- Removed code used for compatibility with PyXML DOM/XPath
+- Cleaned up namespace so only essential methods and properties are exposed
+- Created seperate "Builder" class containing generic PSI-related API calls
+- Added capacity to build PSI maps from HTTP, tar archives, and FTP sources
+- Added capacity to embed legacy HTML inside a PSI map as XHTML 1.0 (via Tidy)
 Changes from 0.01.2-test to 0.02-stable
 - commented code
--- README for psilib-0.02-stable
+-- README for psilib-0.03-stable
 The following software is required by psilib:
+The following software is optional:
 UNIX Instructions:
 1. Extract psilib.x.xx.x-test.tgz into a directory (/usr/local/ is recommended for system-wide use; otherwise, extract to your home directory):
 Windows Instructions:
-1. Unzip into a directory. If all minimum requirements are met, psilib should run with no additional user intervention required.
+1. Unzip into a directory. If minimum requirements are met, psilib should run with no additional configuration.