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-- README for psilib-0.03-stable

The following software is required by psilib:
Python 2.2




The following software is optional:


UNIX Instructions:
1. Extract psilib.x.xx.x-test.tgz into a directory (/usr/local/ is recommended for system-wide use; otherwise, extract to your home directory):

Example command:

   cd /usr/local/
   tar -zxvf psilib.xx.x-test

2. The line starting with #! may require modification if the path to your Python installation is not in the main system search path.

3. Add the psilib/bin directory to your $PATH if desired.

4. Ensure the has 755 permissions.

Example command:

   chmod 775	

Windows Instructions:

1. Unzip into a directory. If minimum requirements are met, psilib should run with no additional configuration.