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ChangeLog for 0.03

Changes from 0.02-stable to 0.03-stable
- Migrated all DOM/XPath reliant code to cDomlette
- Removed code used for compatibility with PyXML DOM/XPath
- Cleaned up namespace so only essential methods and properties are exposed
- Created seperate "Builder" class containing generic PSI-related API calls
- Added capacity to build PSI maps from HTTP, tar archives, and FTP sources
- Added capacity to embed legacy HTML inside a PSI map as XHTML 1.0 (via Tidy)

Changes from 0.01.2-test to 0.02-stable
- commented code
- added support for faster XPath evaluation with cDomlette

Changes from 0.01.1-test to 0.01.2-test
- added capability to accept commandline arguments.
- added ability to transparently map the contents of ZIP-compressed archives as  an optional argument.
- added commandline help.
- documentation updated to reflect changes

Changes from 0.01.0ALPHA to 00.01.1-test:
- Documentation updated to reflect 0.01.1-test change. 
- Schema added to the specification.
- namespace updated.
- created class "Generator" to wrapper existing functions and DOM structure.
- created functions 'createPsiFile', 'createPsiArchive', 'setPsiSource', 'setPsiDestination',  '_createPsiNode', '_createPsiRoot', '_createPsiMap', "_walkPsiSourceDirectory', and '__init__', some based on existing.
- removed function 'makePsiDirMapFallBack' and merged functionality with '_createPsiMap'.
- cleaned up variable names.
- redid __main__ to use new class methods.

See diff in CVS for further details. 

Changes from 0.00.0 to 0.01.0ALPHA:
  - Scans recursively the directory tree from which the is executed.
  - Makes a list of "collections" and "resources."
  - Saves as test.psi XML 1.0 file, or test.psa (gzip--default--or zip compressed archive).