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Python 3 support

Jens Knutson
created an issue

Is Python 3 support planned?

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  1. Lynn Rees repo owner

    That's two questions:

    1. Is Python 3 support planned?

    For Python 3.2 and up, eventually.

    The six library has enabled me to port some of my other software to Python 3.2 fairly painlessly:

    2. Is Python 3 support planned that will work with my shove backend of choice?

    That depends upon whether the underlying library works with Python 3.2 and up.

  2. Anonymous

    That's all fine with me; 3.2i s probably expected by most, and I'm just using the SQLite backend, which I'm sure is fine, since the lib ships with Python.

    Thx for the quick response.

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